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The Birmingham Area Theatre Alliance (BATA) is working to support the thriving theatre community in the Magic City.
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Founded in 2002 by area theatre companies, BATA's goals are

  • To unite, promote, and strengthen local theatre
  • To provide a forum for improved communication between theatre companies
  • To create resources for its member companies for area actors, technicians, musicians,  dancers, production people, supporters of area theatre
BATA is more than 20 area theatre companies working together.
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See you at the theatre!

  The entire Birmingham community is saddened to learn of the passing of Cecil Whitmire, President of Birmingham Landmarks Inc. and the person responsible for the renonovation of The Alabama Theater.  In learning of his illness, the BATA Executive Committe moved swiftly to honor Mr. Whitmire before his passing and presented him with the BATA Lifetime Achievement award.  Below is the letter sent to Mr. Whitmire with his award:

Dear Cecil,

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Birmingham Area Theatre Alliance, I would like for you to accept the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.  

The theatre community, indeed the City of Birmingham, owes you great thanks for your tireless work bringing The Alabama Theater back to life and keeping it as place of entertainment and performances. We have all benefited from your steady hand, your business acumen, your art as a performer and your patience with all of us who were fortunate to use the space you so beautifully resurrected.  

            The Alabama stands as a testament to your dedication. It was a beacon of hope for a city in decline, a beacon that inspired and encouraged others. This is our small way of saying thank you for a large deed well done.

            Please accept this as a thank you from BATA members, an appreciation of your foresight, largesse and determination.

 Jesse Bates, Chair Theatre Arts Alabama School of Fine Arts and Past President of the Birmingham Area Theatre Alliance